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“Glo-on-the-Go” Glo2Facial (30 min)
Oxfoliation + LUX (Light Ultrasound Experience) + Lymphatic Massage

SIGNATURE Glo2Facial (“Good”) - 60 min
Includes the components of the “Glo-on-the-Go” Plus… Hot Towels + True spa experience + Extractions + Defense & Repair Serum

DELUXE Glo2Facial (“Better”) - 90 min
Includes components of the SIGNATURE Glo2 plus… HydroJelly Mask + Massage + Eye Cream + Serum & SPF

PLATINUM Glo2Facial (“Best”) - 120 min

The ultimate luxury experience! Includes components of DELUXE Glo2 plus… Dermaplaning + High Frequency or LED Light Treatment

Back Glo2 Facial treatment - the skin on your back often gets neglected. Let us exfoliate your back, and pamper it with that signature 3 step process your face gets with the Glo2 Device! - $250

Add-On Glo2 treatment to décolleté (chest) or hands - add on a treatment to your hands or décolleté for additional pampering! - $50

CUSTOM/Traditional Facials

Customized to your skin concerns
Our licensed esthetician will assess your skin and adjust the treatments according to your needs. For those on a budget but still want to experience a facial like none other!
$75 for 60 minutes, $120 for 90 minutes

Add-On Services

Dermaplaning  $50

A medical grade scalpel is used to painlessly exfoliate your skin by removing vellus hair ("peach fuzz") and dead skin cells. This increases product absorption, along with helping to create a flawless makeup application. The results are seen and felt right away, leaving you with smooth & glowy skin.

LED Light Therapy  $35

Red Light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy stimulates collagen, helps with anti-aging, and reduces inflammation. Blue Light LED can assist with acne and other concerns. Your esthetician will help determine which LED light is best for your concerns.

High Frequency Treatment for Face - $35

High Frequency Treatment’s many ben­e­fits include treat­ing acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrin­kles, puffy eyes, dark under eye cir­cles, and cel­lulite.

High Frequency Treatment for SCALP/Hair Restoration - $40

High Frequency can also be used to address thinning hair! A special comb is attached to the HF device and a 20 minute treatment received regularly may be all you need to regrow and thicken your hair!


BioRePeel for face - $300

No pain, no sheets of skin peeling, no downtime! Great for acne/acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles, hyperpigmentation. BioRePeelCl3 BLUE is a 30% Trichloroacetic Acid peel for the face, neck, and décolleté enhanced by an innovative and functional mixture of α-hydroxyacids, β-hydroxyacids, poly-hydroxyacids, amino acids and vitamins.

Typically a patient will receive 1 peel every 10-14 days x4 treatments. Please ask about our package deal for BioRePeel!

BioRePeel for body - price varies by amount used, will range from $300-600

No pain, no sheets of skin peeling, no downtime! BioRePeelCl3® GOLD is a two-phase topical TCA peel with specific action for back, shoulders, buttocks, legs, knees, elbows, hands and feet.

AlphaRet Professional Peel - $150

Made by the trusted medical grade skincare brand, SkinBetter Science, AlphaRet Professional Peel 50 is a 50% peel for the face, neck and décolleté. It features a higher strength blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acid than the already very popular and well-respected AlphaRet Peel 30. It is effective in improving fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, uneven skin tone and dullness, along with overall skin tone and texture for patients with moderate photo damage.

Typically a patient will receive 1 peel every month x3-4 months.


Through the world-renown Face Reality program, we can deliver trusted results for your acne concerns!

Our licensed esthetician, Jenna Jones, is a Certified Acne Expert through Face Reality and can assist you in a program that has been proven to work! Schedule an appointment today through the link in our Appointments tab.

For detailed information on MW&A's Face Reality Program, click HERE.


Lifts & Tints

Lifts $15

Lash Lift & Tint  $65


Eyebrow Wax  $12

Lip Wax  $10

Underarm Wax  $10

Bikini Wax  $30

Brazilian Wax  $65

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